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The Sandwich Generation: Caring for Parents and Children Simultaneously

As the U.S. population continues to age, the “sandwich generation” is caught in the middle, supporting both their parents and their children, whether financially, physically, or emotionally. This generation is the middle-aged generation supporting the baby boomer generation—now the largest generation ever. According to research by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, by 2035, one in three heads of households will be someone age 65 and older. The American population will have one in five people age 65 or older, increasing by 30 million people over the next thirty years. As our population ages, the cost of affordable care ...
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As Rates Rise, CDs Are Making A Big Comeback

Low-risk, predictable returns for investors needing to preserve their capital In a rising interest rate environment, fixed-income investments become increasingly important for investors. Fixed-income investments such as bonds, Treasury bills, and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) provide a steady income stream and are generally considered to be less risky than other types of investments such as equities. Fixed-Income and Rising Rates Allocating to fixed-income is important for diversification purposes. Fixed-income investments typically have a low correlation with equities, which means that they can provide stability to a portfolio during times of market volatility. This can help investors to manage their overall ...
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Take a Swing at Investing Like a Golfer

Golfing and investing may not seem to share much common ground at first glance. But the more you think about it, a successful golfer and a successful investor share a number of traits such as patience, perseverance, attention to detail, and intellectual curiosity. Below, we discuss a few areas investing and golf have in common—as well as a couple of tips you can use to make sure your investing game is as successful as your golf game. One Bad Shot Can Ruin Your Game Even if you make it to the 16th or 17th hole while staying well under par, ...
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401(k) Rollovers Can Make or Break Retirement

Making informed decisions about retirement is crucial to financial independence   In an era characterized by high job turnover, it is more important than ever for employees to carefully manage their retirement savings. With a significant portion of Americans withdrawing money from their 401(k)s when they change employers, understanding the value of 401(k) rollovers is essential to preserving a confident financial future. The Startling Reality According to a recent study by the UBC Sauder School of Business, a concerning 41.4% of U.S. workers choose to withdraw money from their 401(k)s upon leaving their jobs. Even more alarmingly, 85% of these ...
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