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Enduring Market Volatility With a Financial Plan

If you hope to retire soon and are concerned about what the future may hold for your investments, you are not alone. Inflation has many retirees and soon-to-be retirees worried about outliving their savings and investments.1  What might you do to survive and even thrive during volatile markets? A financial plan may help you feel more confident and help you consider a few additional ways to manage your financial worries in retirement. Benefits of a Financial Plan Having a financial plan—and sticking to it—may help ease your mind during market downturns. There are many reasons for this. A financial plan ...
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4 Most Common Medicare Mistakes People Make

Medicare policies are the health insurance benefits you have worked toward throughout your life, and having the proper policy is critical as you are likely to face more health problems as you age. While these policies can provide you with the coverage you need for your health conditions later in life, they may be confusing to navigate for some and can include a variety of pitfalls. Whether you are ready for a Medicare policy or planning ahead for the future, below are some costly missteps that you can do your best to avoid. Mistake 1: Failing to Sign Up at ...
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3 Common Social Security Scams and How To Avoid Being Fooled by Them

Targeted scams have become even more popular with the amount of personal information readily available on the internet. Social Security recipients are, unfortunately, targeted by some of the most sophisticated scam artists out there. From phone scams to phishing attempts and intercepted deposits, here are three common Social Security scams and how you might avoid being fooled by them. Phony Phone Calls Generally, the Social Security Administration (SSA) communicates with you over the phone only if you request a call. You are unlikely to get a call from the SSA at random. Be immediately suspicious of anyone who calls you ...
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When to Call Me

Times to call your financial advisor Most of us go to see professionals when we’re in trouble or during times of crisis. Think about it. We go to the doctor when we’re sick. We go see a lawyer when we have a pending legal matter. We go see a counselor when we’re feeling depressed. As a financial advisor, unfortunately, I often hear from clients after something has happened – and sometimes I’m limited in how I can help. Sure, I can often make a situation better, but if I knew about what my clients were facing sooner, I can usually ...
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